Help Your

with a centralized messaging platform
and support them as a team.

Are you a product/idea owner looking to make your customer experience better? Expand your reach with our software that allows you to manage conversations in one place!

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Respond to Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger

All your channels, Shopify and Zoho CRM information in one easy-to-use tool. Meaning less effort and overhead for you.

See 360 Degree of Your Customers

Customers are more informed and natural when you can see
all of their past orders and conversations.

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Understand How Your Agents Doing

See and report how your agents and
all your channels are performing 
real time today and past data at a glance. 


  • Whatsapp: Connect your WhatsApp and manage the conversation in Chatinbox 
  • Facebook: Connect your Facebook pages and start replying to the direct messages to your page
  • Instagram: Connect your Instagram profile and start replying to the direct messages
  • Telegram: Connect your Telegram bot and reply to your customers right from a single dashboard
  • API Channel: Build custom communication channels using our API channel (Send Only)
  • Integrations: Chatinbox natively integrates with ZOho and Shopify right now. Manage your orders in Shopify and share information to Zoho CRM with one click.
  • Mini-CRM: Save your customer information right inside Chatinbox, use contact notes, tasks, labels and custom fields.
  • Custom Fields: Define custom attribute attributes to store information about a contact or a conversation 
  • Shared Multi-Brand/Channel Inbox: Manage and use multiple brands or channels using a shared inbox.
  • Saved Replies: Improve the response rate by adding saved replies (texts, images or files) for frequently asked questions. 
  • Conversation Labels: Use conversation labels to categorize your chats.
  • Auto assignment: Chatinbox intelligently assigns a conversation to the agents who have access to the inbox depending on their availability and load. 
About Chatinbox

Powering Support Chats with Processing 2 Millions of Messages Per Month

If you are looking for a tool that would increase your customers satisfaction, more sales and communicate all channeld in one panel?

You’ve come to the right place!

Chatinbox is a native integration with Shopify and allows you to streamline customer service conversations over WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger by accessing the customers Shopify order information and data.   

Customer Profile Management

Chat Inbox enables you to see your customer data in one place

Team Inbox

Never miss a message again from 
your customers, 

Automated Replies

Send automatic reply when all agents are offline or a new customer’s message.

Be Where Your Customers Are

More than 2B users are using WhatsApp daily to communicate each other

Customer & Orders Information

You can see customer and all orders in one place, with a link to order, just in case

Trial Available

Try and see Chat Inbox 
in detail upfront

Quick Replies

Utilize text, picture and file libraries to send instant messages and files right away


See detailed information with 
full timeline about a customer

Open / Close Chats

Close the chat when you are done supporting your customer

Labels, Reminders and Notes

You can add labels, reminders to customers, and create reports   

Agent & Channel Performance

Watch performance every channel and agents with graphics and tables

Transfer Chats

Agents can transfer the customer each other for support needs  

Easy to Use

User-Friendly Chat Panel

One of the most important aspects of any business is customer service. It’s how you show the world your brand. It’s how you stand out from the competition. It’s how you build a loyal customer base. And yet most businesses still use email to deliver customer service.

It’s time to change that. With a centralized messaging platform, you can deliver great customer support as a team. Learn more about how the right system can help you deliver amazing customer service.

With unified messaging you can see customers all orders info right within support conversations. 

Do you know?

  • Businesses spend $1.3 trillion supporting 265 billion customer service calls each year (1)
  • Only 3% of consumers say they enjoy automated voice response experiences (2)
  • 67% of consumers would rather message a business than speak to a person (3)
Omnichannel Customer Service

Support your customers and offer them a better experience.

Chatinbox combines messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram on one panel. This saves you the time of having to open a different app for each channel and never missing an important message.

Chatinbox is growing quickly and we’re adding new channels regularly.

The best customer support app for your business.  

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(1) IBM, 2017  –  (2) The Conversation, 2016  –  (3) Zipwhip, 2019