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with the ability to integrate VoIP calling and manage all your chats in one place.

We created Chatinbox to help businesses streamline their communication by integrating multiple chat apps into one dashboard, making it easy to manage all their chats from a single location.

Chat Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your messaging performance with real-time tracking of response time, agent performance, and more!

Quick Replies

Increase response time and efficiency by sending pre-written responses to frequently asked questions.

VoIP Calling

For effortless communication with customers, seamlessly integrate voice over IP (VoIP) calling directly into your messaging platform.

Connect with Your Customers Effortlessly

Chatinbox brings all chat apps together, so companies can talk to customers on one dashboard easily.

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Chatinbox’s cloud-based platform simplifies communication for businesses of all sizes, increasing productivity and enhancing customer engagement.

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Get a comprehensive view of your team’s performance and track progress with Chatinbox’s powerful data analytics and real-time reporting features.

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We’re here for every step of the way making sure you and your team success. 

Frequently asked questions

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Chatinbox is a cloud-based platform that integrates multiple chat apps into one dashboard, making it easy for businesses to manage all their chats from a single location.

Chatinbox can integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger chats.

Also, you can make and receive VOIP calls without installing any other application.  

Chatinbox simplifies communication by eliminating the need to switch between multiple chat apps and providing a single dashboard to manage all your chats.

Chatinbox enhances productivity by streamlining communication, providing real-time insight about your team's performance, and integrating voice over IP (VoIP) calling.

Yes, Chatinbox is customizable, and you can tailor your labels, task categories and many other settings to suit your communication needs.

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