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FAQ About Chatinbox

Chatinbox is a cloud-based platform that integrates multiple chat apps into one dashboard, making it easy for businesses to manage all their chats from a single location.

Chatinbox can integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger chats.

Also, you can make and receive VOIP calls without installing any other application.  

Chatinbox simplifies communication by eliminating the need to switch between multiple chat apps and providing a single dashboard to manage all your chats.

Chatinbox enhances productivity by streamlining communication, providing real-time insight about your team's performance, and integrating voice over IP (VoIP) calling.

Yes, Chatinbox is customizable, and you can tailor your labels, task categories and many other settings to suit your communication needs.

Yes you can.

Chatinbox lets you create Whatsapp groups. Plus, you can send and receive messages from these groups.

All of our paid plans come with a 3-day trial. You can cancel the trial at any point before it expires, and we don’t charge anything to you if you do. Chatinbox is free for 3 days!

You can stop your subscription by uninstalling the app.

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Yes! Chatinbox supports multiple languages, including English, and Turkish at the moment.

Yes! Chatinbox is a cloud-based platform, which means you can access it from your desktop or mobile device.

Yes! Chatinbox offers integrations with popular business tools like Zoho CRM, and Shopify.

Chatinbox offers online documentation, tutorials, and video resources to help users get the most out of the platform.

You can check all from


Yes! Chatinbox allows users to send and receive files, including images, videos, and documents.

Yes! Chatinbox allows users to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, making it easy to stay on top of all your messages.

Chatinbox's features, such as quick replies and custom fields, can help you respond to inquiries faster and provide a more personalized customer experience.

Yes! Chatinbox offers features like chat labels and search, which make it easy to manage and track team performance.

Setting up Chatinbox is quick and easy. Most users can get started within a few minutes.

Chatinbox takes data privacy seriously and complies with GDPR and other data privacy regulations.

Yes! Chatinbox offers flexible subscription plans, and users can upgrade or downgrade at any time to fit their changing needs.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about Chatinbox, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Omnichannel Customer Service

Support your customers and offer them a better experience.

Chatinbox combines messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram on one panel. This saves you the time of having to open a different app for each channel and never missing an important message.

Chatinbox is growing quickly and we’re adding new channels regularly.