Pricing Plans

Chatinbox is the easy way to connect with your customers and improve your customer service.

With Chatinbox, businesses can:

Basic Edition

Pure Chat inbox - No Integration

$45 /month

We offer yearly payment options for businesses that want to save money.*

Premium Edition

with ZohoCRM or Shopify

$74 /month

We offer yearly payment options for businesses that want to save money.*

BasicFeatures allows your business to communicate with customers and employees through text, image, video, and location messages through Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram chats. 

Dark mode is a display setting that uses a dark background with light text. It is designed to be easier on the eyes, especially in low-light conditions.

Supervisors can use Offline (ghost) mode to appear offline and supervise all chats invisible to other users.

Admin/User Dashboards are centralized interfaces that provide users with a comprehensive view of their data and activities.

Admins can see important data as summaries such as number of new chats started today or number of messages waiting to be answered.

To categorize conversations: Chat labels can be used to categorize conversations by topic, customer, or status. This can help users to quickly find the information they are looking for.
To track progress: Chat labels can be used to track the progress of a conversation. This can help users to stay on track and to ensure that all of the necessary information is gathered.
To identify important information: Chat labels can be used to identify important information in a conversation. This can help users to quickly find the information they need to make a decision or to take action.

To store information: Chat notes and reminders can be used to store information such as meeting notes, to-do lists, and contact information. This can help users to quickly find the information they need.
To set reminders: Chat notes and reminders can be used to set reminders for upcoming events or tasks. This can help users to stay on track and to avoid forgetting important things.
To collaborate with others: Chat notes and reminders can be used to collaborate with others on projects or tasks. This can help users to share information and to stay on the same page.

Advanced Features

Custom fields allow you to personalize and tailor your messaging experience by creating unique data fields to capture specific information from your contacts or conversations.

For example, need travel (yes or no), hobbies (tennis, swimming etc...)

Message routing options give you the flexibility to direct incoming messages to the right team members or departments based on predefined rules or criteria, ensuring efficient and streamlined communication within your organization.

Auto messages enable you to set up automated responses or greetings to engage with your customers, provide instant support, or share important information, saving time and delivering prompt communication.

Chat transfer functionality allows you to seamlessly transfer ongoing conversations from one team member to another, ensuring a smooth handoff and uninterrupted customer support experience.

Libraries provide a centralized space within Chatinbox where you can store and access pre-written messages, templates, or resources, making it easy to quickly retrieve and use them during conversations, saving time and ensuring consistency in your messaging.

The ability to open and close chats allows you to control the availability of chat support, enabling you to manage and prioritize incoming conversations based on your team's capacity and availability, ensuring efficient and effective customer service.

Performance reports offer valuable insights and analytics that help you track key metrics such as chat volume, response time and agent performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your overall chat support operations.

Number masking is a privacy feature that hides the actual phone numbers of users during communication, replacing last 4 digits with asterisk, ensuring confidentiality and protecting personal information while maintaining seamless and secure conversations.

Voice messages allow users to send and receive recorded audio messages within Chatinbox, enabling more expressive and efficient communication, adding a personal touch, and providing an alternative to typing messages, especially in situations where it may be more convenient or faster to speak.

Premium Features

Zoho integration seamlessly connects Chatinbox with Zoho CRM, allowing you to get information from Leads, Contacts and Sales Orders, starting new chats within Zoho CRM page, and enhance collaboration across your messaging, boosting efficiency and productivity in your business processes.

With Shopify integration, Chatinbox seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, enabling you to manage customer inquiries, provide real-time support, and handle order-related communications directly within Chatinbox, simplifying your customer service process and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Zapier integration empowers you to connect Chatinbox with thousands of other apps, automating tasks and workflows by creating "Zaps" that trigger actions between different platforms, saving you time and effort while streamlining your communication and data management processes.

* (available in July'23)

Seamlessly connect Chatinbox with Pipedrive CRM to streamline your sales and customer interactions, ensuring efficient lead management and nurturing.

The API for sending messages allows developers to programmatically send messages through Chatinbox, integrating messaging capabilities into their own applications or systems for seamless communication and efficient message delivery.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls enable you to make and receive voice calls directly within Chatinbox (without installing any other software), utilizing internet connectivity to establish real-time audio conversations, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with customers, team members, or clients without the need for traditional phone lines.

Call disposition codes are predefined labels or categories that agents can select to categorize the outcome or status of a call, providing valuable insights into call outcomes, customer feedback, and agent performance, facilitating efficient tracking and analysis of call data for quality assurance and reporting purposes.

Call notes allow agents to record important information, details, or key points discussed during a call, ensuring that important context and insights are documented for future reference, enabling seamless collaboration among team members and providing a comprehensive record of customer interactions.

The import contacts feature enables you to easily bring in existing contact lists or databases into Chatinbox, allowing you to quickly populate your messaging platform with relevant contacts, ensuring efficient communication and a smooth transition to using Chatinbox for managing your messaging interactions.

Agent status refers to the availability or current state of an agent within Chatinbox. It allows agents to indicate whether they are available, busy, away, or offline, providing transparency to team members and ensuring effective team coordination by knowing each agent's availability for handling incoming chats and providing timely customer support.

Frequently asked questions

Chatinbox is a cloud-based platform that integrates multiple chat apps into one dashboard, making it easy for businesses to manage all their chats from a single location.

Here are some additional benefits of using Chatinbox:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Chatinbox helps businesses provide better customer service by giving them a single platform to manage all of their customer conversations. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved efficiency: Chatinbox can help businesses improve their efficiency by automating tasks such as routing customer conversations and tracking customer interactions. This can free up employees to focus on other tasks, such as providing customer service or generating leads.
  • Reduced costs: Chatinbox can help businesses reduce their costs by eliminating the need for multiple communication tools and platforms. This can save businesses money on licensing fees, hardware, and maintenance costs.

Chatinbox can integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger chats.

Also, you can make and receive VOIP calls without installing any other application.  

We offer two pricing plans: Basic and Premium.


Basic plan is perfect for small businesses with up to 10 users with no integration.


Premium plan is perfect for larger businesses with require native Zoho CRM and Shopify integrations. 

Yes, we offer a free 3-day trial of both the Basic and Premium plans.

We offer monthly and annual billing.


Monthly billing is billed on a per-month basis. Annual billing is billed on a per-year basis and includes 2 months free discount.

To get started, simply sign up for a free trial.


Once you have signed up, you will be able to access all of the features included in your chosen pricing plan.

Find out more about Chatinbox’s features and benefits in our FAQ page.

Platform Features

Chatinbox combines messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram on one panel. This saves you the time of having to open a different app for each channel and never missing an important message.


A single dashboard for your store and customer support, with enough advanced features to help you scale up


Get real-time reports on your agents’ performance and customers’ journeys from start to finish.


Simplify your business and grow it by using a complete, all-in-one solution that saves you time.


Analytics including clicks, channels, response time and messages sent track the success of your marketing campaigns.

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