Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs section answers your most common questions, but if you have any other ones, just let us know!

No, there are NO set-up fees or other charges.

Yes you can.

Chatinbox lets you create Whatsapp groups. Plus, you can send and receive messages from these groups.

All of our paid plans come with a 3-day trial. You can cancel the trial at any point before it expires, and we don’t charge anything to you if you do. Chatinbox is free for 3 days!

You can stop your subscription by uninstalling the app.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Support your customers and offer them a better experience.

Chatinbox combines messages from WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram on one panel. This saves you the time of having to open a different app for each channel and never missing an important message.

Chatinbox is growing quickly and we’re adding new channels regularly.

The best customer support app for your business.  

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